I love this product
The awesome product having for the proper functioning of the liver. Helps in the body's natural detox system.
Ayush Jain, Delhi
Very helpful for Dad
I purchased this product for my dad he is suffering from uric acid it’s doing good but you have to keep patience for result.
Rashid Khan, Alwar
Hepagard capsule are Very Good & Effective Medicine
Suggested by my friend and now after using it for last 4 months, I am feeling good.
Mahesh Jain, Bangalore 
It works, better than other medicines
I can only give you my own experience. Most people don’t know about this but I found out about it when I saw on television. I asked Doctor about it, I tried it and it works.
Archana Tave, Kolkata

Well it actually helped me in weight loss after trying all the stuff and exercise, finally came across through google that fat liver could be one the reason for weight gain. So used it and it actually worked for me.
Manas Singh, Jaipur

100% effective and Healthy product (hepagard capsule and tulsi drop-
My mom is now able to digest her food without throwing up.A big milestone towards her wellness…Thanks a lot.Hopefully, with consistent usage, she will get 100% healthy.
Nidhi Pal, Srinagar
Seems to be working well
I had high liver enzymes and they have come down so I assume this product is working.
Aditi Sehgal