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RAMINS REMEDIES - A Trusted Name in Quality Formulation (Since 1984). We entered into the Pharmaceuticals Market in 1984 with an upmarket, contemporary product range & have since been the forerunners of this market and the Market Leader in our category for years with High Quality Premium Products. The year 1998 proved a landmark year as the Company launched its Ayurvedic & OTC divisions. The company ruled the Market with its Range along with Hair Oil & Beauty Creams. In the Year 2009, the Company Launched its Teleshopping Division with its Hot Shot Product "Lyco-C Capsules". In the Year 2010, the Company Launched its FMCD Division with the Launch of unique & lowest price Android Tablet PCs in India. Our strengths which enable us to sustain in the market & have loyal customers/clients/distributors/Franchise are our High Quality Products and a Dedicated & Qualified Team. With years of experience & taking the present scenario into account, it can be observed that this is the era of marketing. With no disrespect to any company in particular, it is common knowledge now that, sadly, just because of extensive marketing many National & International companies are selling very low quality products in very high prices; On the other hand there are a huge number of small & big Indian companies with high quality products, but they are not able to survive in the market. Keeping this scenario in mind, this year 2014 onwards,we have decided to start an E-Commerce Company in which we will promote all the good quality products by all national/ International Companies. We will have our own Quality Checking Team to scrutinize the quality of the products. We will provide a platform to all the companies to display & sell their products to the Indian Customer/ Consumer & let the customer decide the market leader with its quality. It will be our priority to showcase even the small companies of India with great quality products so as to give them an equal & fair chance in front of big companies. Our Main motto is to take good quality products in all categories to the Indian Consumer in less then market price at the comfort of their homes.We wanted to avoid the side effects and toxicity in allopathic formulations and this search led him to Ayurveda and other natural systems of medicine that have flourished since ancient times.Ayurveda knew about lifestyle diseases 5000 years ago. For example, in Ayurveda, Diabetes is known as Madhumeha. Precise formulations were used to correct the ailment. Ayurveda emphasizes three basic principles of Aahaar (Diet), Vihaar (Lifestyle) and Aushadh (Medicine). This order is critical. We believe if we do not correct our diet and lifestyle, no medicine can work. Medicine or Aushadhi is just a catalyst to speed up the correction of our diet and lifestyle.

Wake Up. Get Real. Shed your Fear. Correct your Body, Mind, and Soul.

At Ramins Remedies, we believe in helping people first find the underlying cause of the ailment or the health problem. After that, we identify the right regime and therapy in Ayurveda or other natural systems of medicine.Natural Health ContentRamins Remedies's mission is to help people embrace a natural, holistic, and healthy lifestyle.To that end, we regularly publish content on natural remedies, Ayurvedic treatments, and other natural systems of medicine on our blog.In our quest to spread the message of natural health we publish eBooks on natural and holistic remedies. Our current list of free eBooks are:
  • Guide to Natural Remedies
  • Guide to Diabetes Control with Natural Remedies
  • Natural, Herbal, and Ayurvedic Products
Since 1984 we are curating and retailing a collection of Ayurvedic, Herbal, and Organic products. These products are time-tested, well researched and with proven benefits.This attention to quality has gained us huge appreciation and trust in both Indian and worldwide markets.We have a regular stream of repeat customers who buy from us knowing that our products are:
  • safe and effective
  • authentic formulations
  • use the right mix of pure, uncontaminated raw materials
  • manufactured in hygienic, modern facilities with a quality control
  • manufactured to international norms and governmental standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) as specified by the Ministry of Ayush, India.
Natural and Ayurvedic ServicesIn response to the growing requests for personalised support and consultation, we are creating a framework through which people can find:
  • personalized guidance
  • reliable support and
  • natural and ayurvedic treatment options
Commercial PolicyOur commercial products and services are always centred around your well being.We will not make any recommendation for any product or service unless we are certain that the product or service will be beneficial for you. We actively discourage our support and chat staff from making health recommendations unless they are qualified to do so.If you are seeking help in choosing a product or service, we encourage you to submit this short medical information form. Our in-house Ayurvedic doctor will review and respond within 24 hours with the best course of action for you. This is a free, no-obligation service provided in the interest of helping you determine the right course of action for your situation.We are always here for you, just an email or call away. And we promise that we will do all we can to support and guide you to a healthier and happier life.Wishing you good health always,Your Ramins Remedies Family